Holidays on the island

How to live on 500 euros per month in Bulgaria
To live comfortably at 500 euros per month, it is not necessary to go to the other end of the world. Bulgaria has a pleasant climate, low prices, favorable environmental…

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What you should not do in Vienna
Tourists usually spend two to three days in the Austrian capital. This is very small, so it is important to correctly allocate time and not make mistakes. What is not…

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We are going to rest in Turkey. Useful information for tourists about Turkey. Contrary to the words of the famous song, we really even need the Turkish coast, and we…

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Similan Islands

Lipe Island is a small island in the Andaman Sea, located 70 km from the south-west coast of Thailand near the border with Malaysia and is part of the Tarutao National Reserve.

What awaits you on the island of Koh Lipe: first of all, these are beautiful bays with a turquoise sea and sandy beaches.
Marvelous pristine nature – wild jungle with coconut trees, in which there are a lot of monkeys.
Koh Lipe Island is one of the best places for diving, snorkeling, windsurfing and other water activities.
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Holidays at Koh Kood

The island of Phi Phi (Koh Phi Phi) is located in the Andaman Sea and belongs to the province of Krabi. The Phi Phi archipelago consists of six islands, the largest of which are Phi Phi Don Island and Phi Phi Ley Island.

If we are talking about holidays in Phi Phi (Koh Phi Phi), then they are talking about holidays on the island of Phi Phi Don (Phi Phi Don) here is the most developed tourist infrastructure – hotels and guesthouses, equipped beaches, shops, restaurants and cafes. The other five islands go as an addition for a wonderful holiday on Koh Phi Phi. Continue reading

Holidays on the island

Koh Tao Island in Thailand is a paradise for divers and backpackers.

The name of the islands of Koh Tao – Turtle Island, is associated with the fact that previously a large number of sea turtles lived on the shores of this island and they left the coast of Koh Tao to breed. But there is another version of the origin of the name of the island – in its outlines, Ko Tao resembles a turtle.
In the 30-40 years of the last century, Koh Tao was a prison for political prisoners, but this is all in the past, and today Koh Tao Island in Thailand is a mecca for diving and a relaxing beach holiday. For all this, there are ideal conditions on Koh Tao – the sea around the island is excellent dive sites, and the excellent sandy beaches on the island are suitable for those who come just to sunbathe under the warm Thai and the sun and do snorkeling, snorkelling. Continue reading

Holidays on the island of Koh Chang

Koh Chang (Koh Chang) – Elephant (the island in its shape resembles the head of an elephant) and the second largest after Phuket, from the islands in Thailand.

Koh Chang Island is the largest in the archipelago, consisting of 52 islands among which are Koh Mak, Koh Kud, Koh Wai, Koh Laoya. The island of Koh Chang is a great place to relax, not yet so much polluted by civilization (like Pattaya or Phuket) and will amaze you with its sandy beaches, impenetrable jungle, waterfalls and streams. Most interestingly, the hotels on the island are located along the coast, so the Thai government is trying to protect the National Reserve. The center of tourist life on the island can be considered the beach of Hat Sai Khao (White Sand Beach). Continue reading


Why else go to Japan if not for the exotic.

Those interested in this country know that in addition to geishas, ​​trendy cuisine and the achievements of Japanese engineering, there is something that can make you spend crazy money only for a long flight. Namely – a special worldview, some kind of unusual mix of national traditions and Western Art Nouveau. Japan is a unique country whose history includes a great cultural heritage and the latest technology. To plunge into the atmosphere of ancient Japan, it is not necessary to go to museums, because modern Japan is saturated with cultural values. A trip to Japan will help not only to get acquainted with the history of this wonderful country, but also to better understand Japanese art, culinary, philosophy, secrets of medicine and much more. But after visiting Japan, the impression remains that she remained a mystery. You can relax in Japan all year round, but tours to Japan are especially popular during sakura blossom. The best time to visit Japan is from March to the end of October. Continue reading

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