How to protect yourself from theft at the airport
Tourists get a real rest when they finally get to the hotel and, having settled in the room, fall on the bed, forgetting about their suitcases, or go out to…

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Travel to places of power
Delhi. The famous Kutub Minar minaret with a damask steel column was built on the site of the Vishnu temple destroyed by the conquerors. Once the top of a mysterious…

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The little heart of Tallinn
The little heart of the city beats in unison Tallinn's little heart - someone is in love with you, Little heart of Europe - branches woven hands The little heart…

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officially known

How tourists are fooled around the world

Want to know how tourists are deceived, then read this article.

The most popular ways to cheat tourists

Shopping abroad can boast not only joy but also frustration. So that you do not fall for the bait of enterprising traders, today we will tell you how tourists are deceived in different shops of the planet.

China is the birthplace of almost all fakes walking around the world, so if you are not a supporter of buying replicas, be careful. Most often, tourists are offered fake pearls and silk. Continue reading

Water Bangkok – Thai capital in a new light

To understand the soul of Bangkok and Thailand is to understand the historical significance of waterways.

A network of canals has always been vital for agriculture, trade and transport. The magical Chao Phraya, the river of kings serving the main artery of the whole intricate of waterways. They give life, they are the most important symbol of the Thai people to this day.

Coronations go through the process of royal boats. This ritual has been observed for centuries in order to honor the Thai king and the river as a holy source of life. Painted and richly decorated with gold, 52 barges sail along the river from beginning to end. Golden scales, barons, like wings, mythical birds ascending from the river. It was one of the most popular shows in the world, and this day has been the most successful since 2006, when the reigning king reached the 60th anniversary of the throne. Continue reading

The best beaches in Europe

If you are planning a vacation in Europe and still do not know where to go on a beach holiday, then read this article about the best beaches in Europe.

Rating of the best beaches in Europe from Lonely Planet. Holidays on these beaches will be interesting not only for surfers, but also for those who prefer a relaxing family vacation with children.
The top three winners included the beaches of Montenegro, Portugal and France.

The first place in the ranking was occupied by the beach Jaz (Montenegro).
Jaz beach is located on the Adriatic coast of Montenegro. The length of this beach is almost 2 km and has a very wide coastline. On one side, a rocky coast approaches the beach, so you can sunbathe on pebbles and on sand. This beach often hosts various parties. Continue reading

Holidays on the island of Koh Chang
Koh Chang (Koh Chang) - Elephant (the island in its shape resembles the head of an elephant) and the second largest after Phuket, from the islands in Thailand. Koh Chang…


Thailand is one of the most popular destinations for travel and leisure, among tourists from around the world, in Southeast Asia. The Kingdom of Thailand is a state in Southeast…


Thassos Island - Aegean Green Diamond
Thassos is the northernmost and greenest of the Greek islands. The whole island is covered with dense pine forests, approaching the golden sandy beaches, which are the main wealth of…


Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka is one of the oldest countries in the world. According to legend, it was somewhere in these parts that Adam and Eve descended to Earth, and many ancient…