Water Bangkok - Thai capital in a new light
To understand the soul of Bangkok and Thailand is to understand the historical significance of waterways. A network of canals has always been vital for agriculture, trade and transport. The…

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Vacation to Vietnam - resorts, visa to Vietnam, customs Tourism in Vietnam has great potential and attracts more tourists to the country. Today Vietnam offers a high-quality hotel base, a…

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About rest in Valencia Spain
How to spend a weekend in Valencia Would you like to spend a weekend in a warm sunny seaside town with magnificent beaches, interesting architecture and centuries-old history? Then we…

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souvenir itself

Similan Islands

Lipe Island is a small island in the Andaman Sea, located 70 km from the south-west coast of Thailand near the border with Malaysia and is part of the Tarutao National Reserve.

What awaits you on the island of Koh Lipe: first of all, these are beautiful bays with a turquoise sea and sandy beaches.
Marvelous pristine nature – wild jungle with coconut trees, in which there are a lot of monkeys.
Koh Lipe Island is one of the best places for diving, snorkeling, windsurfing and other water activities.
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First time we go abroad

With some, this happens in infancy, with others in advanced. But most of us sooner or later find ourselves abroad.

What kind of “rake” do beginners usually “attack” and how to avoid these common mistakes?
Information vacuum
Travelers are sometimes completely uninterested in the country. Browse through the Internet, collect information about the country where you are going on vacation. You should know not only the main attractions, but also the rules of conduct, laws regarding tourists: what clothes are considered indecent, what you will have to pay a fine for, and for which you can even end up in jail, which items cannot be imported or exported. Continue reading

Souvenirs from different countries

From any trip, we try to bring some souvenir that will remind us of the country in which we visited.

Souvenirs or what to bring from distant countries
Among the many purchases that we make as a keepsake of our trips, the most popular are souvenirs symbolizing the countries we have seen. Such gizmos are not always beautiful or useful, but they may turn out to be the most valuable of all brought to the homeland.

These variegated, funny, sometimes even ridiculous trinkets adorn the shelves and walls of our houses, are stored in treasured caskets, sometimes they are considered as a guarantee of good luck. They are like old postcards: look at them – and pleasant memories stir in your soul. Continue reading

Holidays on the island of Koh Chang
Koh Chang (Koh Chang) - Elephant (the island in its shape resembles the head of an elephant) and the second largest after Phuket, from the islands in Thailand. Koh Chang…


Hurghada Tourism Egypt
For Egypt, the glory of a sex resort for women has established itself. Indeed, such a choice of Arabs who are always ready for close contacts cannot be found in…


Emirates is thoroughly saturated with exotic, because it is the East. This is the very East with camels, hookahs and minarets, which here quite successfully coexist with tall high-tech skyscrapers,…


The little heart of Tallinn
The little heart of the city beats in unison Tallinn's little heart - someone is in love with you, Little heart of Europe - branches woven hands The little heart…