Travel to places of power
Delhi. The famous Kutub Minar minaret with a damask steel column was built on the site of the Vishnu temple destroyed by the conquerors. Once the top of a mysterious…

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Holidays on the island
Koh Tao Island in Thailand is a paradise for divers and backpackers. The name of the islands of Koh Tao - Turtle Island, is associated with the fact that previously…

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The best beaches in Europe
If you are planning a vacation in Europe and still do not know where to go on a beach holiday, then read this article about the best beaches in Europe.…

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to the south


Thailand is one of the most popular destinations for travel and leisure, among tourists from around the world, in Southeast Asia.

The Kingdom of Thailand is a state in Southeast Asia located on the Indochina Peninsula. The southernmost part of the country is located on the Malay Peninsula.
In Thailand there is a fairly large number of mountain ranges, especially in the north and west of the country. In the north, west and southwest, Thailand borders with Myanmar (Burma), in the northeast – with Laos, in the southeast – with Cambodia, in the south, Thailand borders with Malaysia. Continue reading

How to live on 500 euros per month in Bulgaria

To live comfortably at 500 euros per month, it is not necessary to go to the other end of the world.

Bulgaria has a pleasant climate, low prices, favorable environmental conditions and many understand Russian. And if you have at least some small savings in your bank account, maybe the time has come to move to Eastern Europe and at least for a while to experience the local way of life?

Housing in Bulgaria
To look around and get acquainted with the country, for the first time you can rent an apartment for a short time – it costs from 15-20 euros per day – and then look for options for a long rental on the spot. Continue reading

10 ideas for a memorable honeymoon

The honeymoon should be remembered for a lifetime, so we have selected for you the 10 best ideas for a honeymoon for every taste and budget.

Expensive beach vacation
Bora Bora, Tahiti
After the busy days of preparing for the wedding, the newlyweds should rest somewhere on the seashore, in a place such as the lush tropical paradise of French Polynesia, in the midst of azure bays, close to the picturesque slopes of an ancient volcano. Settle in a bungalow, standing on stilts above the water, and then from the threshold of the room you can dive into the sea, and then sunbathe on a sun lounger on the terrace. Special offers await newlyweds at St Regis or Four Seasons. And don’t try to refuse when you are offered to organize a private picnic: you will have a boat with a rower at your disposal, a barbecue and champagne will be waiting for you in a secluded corner of the island – you will never forget this evening! Continue reading

Water Bangkok - Thai capital in a new light
To understand the soul of Bangkok and Thailand is to understand the historical significance of waterways. A network of canals has always been vital for agriculture, trade and transport. The…


Malaysia holidays in Malaysia, visa, customs Russian tourists have long settled in Malaysia. And while charters in Kuala Lumpur have not yet become weekly, travelers can and should have time…


Emirates is thoroughly saturated with exotic, because it is the East. This is the very East with camels, hookahs and minarets, which here quite successfully coexist with tall high-tech skyscrapers,…


We are going to rest in Turkey. Useful information for tourists about Turkey. Contrary to the words of the famous song, we really even need the Turkish coast, and we…