Nong Nooch Park
There is one place in tourist Thailand, after visiting which the tourist has the impression that he has visited ... paradise. The place is really heavenly. This is a huge,…

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Amsterdam Nightlife Guide
Many people think of Amsterdam as a city of free morals, where you can dance, drink, smoke, indulge in all kinds of bad excesses day and night. Is this true…

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European approach to winter holidays
Christmas symbolizes the birth of Jesus Christ, it is a holiday of love and happiness to the whole world. People share warm wishes, try to congratulate all relatives and friends.…

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Diving in Thailand

Diving in Thailand is diving all year round and what tourists and travelers need to know about diving in Thailand.

Diving in Thailand is what remains with you for the rest of your life. Diving in Thailand has long gained popularity among divers around the world.

Thousands of people come to Thailand every year. Some in order to learn how to dive with scuba diving, others to improve their qualifications, and still others to continue their exciting journeys through the underwater world of the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand.

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Samui – Another Thailand

Usually people come here either immediately, for the first time buying a tour to Thailand, or after the satiation of Pattaya. Phuket on Samui is rarely changed, although in vain.

In my opinion, Samui is more comfortable. And, probably, more interesting. In any case, it is easier to get to mainland Thailand from here, if you are already tired of the island.

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How to live on 500 euros per month in Bulgaria

To live comfortably at 500 euros per month, it is not necessary to go to the other end of the world.

Bulgaria has a pleasant climate, low prices, favorable environmental conditions and many understand Russian. And if you have at least some small savings in your bank account, maybe the time has come to move to Eastern Europe and at least for a while to experience the local way of life?

Housing in Bulgaria
To look around and get acquainted with the country, for the first time you can rent an apartment for a short time – it costs from 15-20 euros per day – and then look for options for a long rental on the spot. Continue reading

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Choosing a hotel in Madrid
How to choose a hotel in Madrid Living in Madrid is worth it so that later it will not hurt for a purposeless vacation. Although the criteria for a good…


Useful information for leisure and travel tourists in Laos. In Laos, you can still find real oriental exoticism in the form of picturesque markets, numerous temples and pagodas, and the…


Thassos Island - Aegean Green Diamond
Thassos is the northernmost and greenest of the Greek islands. The whole island is covered with dense pine forests, approaching the golden sandy beaches, which are the main wealth of…


Hurghada Tourism Egypt
For Egypt, the glory of a sex resort for women has established itself. Indeed, such a choice of Arabs who are always ready for close contacts cannot be found in…