Holidays on the island

The Philippines is a whole world of islands, not yet spoiled by mass tourism. Modern Philippines is a friendly tropical archipelago that is extremely pleasant to travel along. This is…

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Vacation to Vietnam - resorts, visa to Vietnam, customs Tourism in Vietnam has great potential and attracts more tourists to the country. Today Vietnam offers a high-quality hotel base, a…

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Souvenirs from different countries
From any trip, we try to bring some souvenir that will remind us of the country in which we visited. Souvenirs or what to bring from distant countries Among the…

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What you should not do in Vienna

Tourists usually spend two to three days in the Austrian capital. This is very small, so it is important to correctly allocate time and not make mistakes. What is not worth doing in Vienna?

Get into Vienna. What tourists should not do in Vienna Do not go to Vienna in the summer and New Year
Millions of tourists from all over the world come to small Vienna every year, the hottest seasons are summer and the Christmas and New Year period. If you don’t want to spend most of your time in lines at museums, don’t go to the Austrian capital at this time. for the September-October trip, while the weather is still warm, or April, when the city is filled with delicate aromas of spring flowers, these months you will not only manage your time more productively, but also save your photos from crowds of strangers. Continue reading

European approach to winter holidays

Christmas symbolizes the birth of Jesus Christ, it is a holiday of love and happiness to the whole world. People share warm wishes, try to congratulate all relatives and friends. At \ Christmas also marks the arrival of winter. Europeans decorate their homes with dazzling Christmas lights, flowers, hang balls on Christmas trees. Christmas presents are the perfect way to express love for loved ones.

The French are sure to exchange Christmas presents. By tradition, children leave their shoes near the fireplace so that Per Noel (an analogue of our Santa Claus) will fill them with fruits, nuts, toys. For Christmas, a puppet show is being played at Cathedral Square. Almost all families also play the scene of the birth of Jesus. Continue reading

Crazy World … Monuments

The monument – in the broad sense – an object that is part of the cultural heritage of the country, people, humanity.
The monument, in the narrow sense, is a work of art designed to perpetuate the memory of certain events and people.
Monuments – in fact, are an integral feature, the face of the city, along with classical palaces and churches. It is the word “classic” that appears in our head when the word monument is mentioned. However, what confusion things lead us that we do not expect to see in the usual places! Continue reading

Travel to places of power

Delhi. The famous Kutub Minar minaret with a damask steel column was built on the site of the Vishnu temple destroyed by the conquerors. Once the top of a mysterious column was crowned with a sculpture of the sacred eagle of Garuda. The steel from which the figure was made is credited with an alien origin …
But far to go – the Kiev tithe church was also built on the site of an ancient pagan sanctuary.
In fact, there are many such places on our planet. These are special areas where, in one way or another, the presence of strong energy was recorded that has a beneficial or not very effect on a person, so the energy and its radiating place have a certain aura of supernaturalness. Continue reading

The little heart of Tallinn

The little heart of the city beats in unison
Tallinn’s little heart – someone is in love with you,
Little heart of Europe – branches woven hands
The little heart of the World – knock, knock, knock, knock, knock ….

Travels are moments of life that you always want to extend. It doesn’t matter where you go: by plane, bus or even on foot.
The main thing is an inner feeling of joy, a premonition of new discoveries, interesting acquaintances and fateful meetings. Christmas travel is always of great interest to tourists. This is a fairy tale that is remembered all year. Continue reading

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Holidays on the island of Koh Chang
Koh Chang (Koh Chang) - Elephant (the island in its shape resembles the head of an elephant) and the second largest after Phuket, from the islands in Thailand. Koh Chang…


Travel to places of power
Delhi. The famous Kutub Minar minaret with a damask steel column was built on the site of the Vishnu temple destroyed by the conquerors. Once the top of a mysterious…


Nong Nooch Park
There is one place in tourist Thailand, after visiting which the tourist has the impression that he has visited ... paradise. The place is really heavenly. This is a huge,…


Why else go to Japan if not for the exotic. Those interested in this country know that in addition to geishas, ​​trendy cuisine and the achievements of Japanese engineering, there…