Holidays on the island

Spain Resorts
Santa Susanna - Youth Spanish Resort This place in Catalonia is very popular among Russian tourists. It is believed that it is more suitable for young people. Santa Susanna has…

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13 thousand islands of Indonesia look like a multi-colored kaleidoscope. People come here and lazily wallow in the sand, enjoying good service, and engage in active sports, daily changing their…

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China is primarily a millennium-long cultural and historical heritage. And antiquities and traditions should be treated with care, avoiding arrogance. One must try to understand this great civilization, and one…

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South Korea

South Korea. Holidays in South Korea It is difficult for a potential tourist to decide why to go to South Korea.

There are traditional competitors: China, known for its low cost of leisure, and Japan, which has a much stronger tourist brand. At the same time, Korea has its own special advantages, which include, for example, the possibility of medical tourism. About two thousand Russians perform heart operations abroad annually. They can be made in many countries. But why go to Europe or the United States, if the results of surgical interventions in neighboring South Korea are at the level of the leading clinics in Europe, and the cost for them is 2-3 times lower than in the leading clinics of the world. And this is at the highest level of operations and postoperative care. Continue reading

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is one of the oldest countries in the world.

According to legend, it was somewhere in these parts that Adam and Eve descended to Earth, and many ancient authors even correlated the location of the Garden of Eden with Ceylon (as Sri Lanka was called until 1972). Out of 130 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, seven are located on this amazing island. In Sri Lanka, there are a lot of “self-most.” Firstly, there is the oldest tree in the world – the Bo tree (Sri Maha Bodhi), which is already more than 2 thousand years old. Here is also the world’s largest collection of Buddha statues, which is located in the cave complex of Dambulla. Continue reading


The Philippines is a whole world of islands, not yet spoiled by mass tourism.

Modern Philippines is a friendly tropical archipelago that is extremely pleasant to travel along. This is in contrast to many other countries in the region – the locals here are pretty tolerant in English. For many years, the Philippines was actually a US military base.

The main charm of the Philippines is the presence of tiny islands, where sea water is transparent, like a genuine Borjomi, and fruits filled with cool moisture with a nutty flavor are poured from high coconut palms. Continue reading


We are going to rest in Turkey. Useful information for tourists about Turkey.

Contrary to the words of the famous song, we really even need the Turkish coast, and we cannot do without it, and even more so for him, the coast. Turkey means favorable climatic conditions, a warm sea, a variety of hotels, a variety of leisure activities, and bright national cuisine at a very attractive price.

Almost at any time you can buy an inexpensive tour and spend a couple of carefree weeks by the warm sea, without worrying about getting a visa – everyone is allowed to go to Turkey. And you can buy a plane ticket and in a few hours find yourself in the capital – Istanbul, where you can have the best weekend in life. Continue reading


Thailand is one of the most popular destinations for travel and leisure, among tourists from around the world, in Southeast Asia.

The Kingdom of Thailand is a state in Southeast Asia located on the Indochina Peninsula. The southernmost part of the country is located on the Malay Peninsula.
In Thailand there is a fairly large number of mountain ranges, especially in the north and west of the country. In the north, west and southwest, Thailand borders with Myanmar (Burma), in the northeast – with Laos, in the southeast – with Cambodia, in the south, Thailand borders with Malaysia. Continue reading

The city-state of Singapore is a miniature model of Asia. A small country with an ultrahigh concentration of technological advances, money, ancient prejudices and cultures. The culture of the country…


China is primarily a millennium-long cultural and historical heritage. And antiquities and traditions should be treated with care, avoiding arrogance. One must try to understand this great civilization, and one…


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