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Hong Kong

Hong Kong (Hong Kong) is a special administrative region of the People’s Republic of China.

Hong Kong is located on the Kowloon Peninsula, from the west, south and east, washed by the South China Sea, as well as on more than 260 islands. In the north, Hong Kong borders on the special economic zone of Shenzhen in the Chinese province of Guangdong.

Hong Kong is usually divided into three parts: the island of Hong Kong itself, Kowloon and the New Territories.

Weather and climate in Hong Kong
The climate of Hong Kong is subtropical, monsoon. Cool and dry winters last from December to March. Hong Kong’s spring and summer are hot, humid and rainy, and autumn is warm, sunny and dry. Such a different climate at different times of the year is explained by the different wind directions characteristic of each season. In summer and early autumn, tropical cyclones (typhoons) can pass through Hong Kong.

Citizens of Russia to visit Hong Kong for a period not exceeding 14 days, a visa is not required. The purpose of the trip should be tourism, transit, visiting friends or relatives, a short-term business visit that is not related to making profit in Hong Kong.

The following documents must be submitted at passport control:
– a passport valid for at least one month from the end of the trip;
– return tickets or tickets from a third country;
– confirmation of the availability of sufficient funds to stay in the country (cash, bank cards, travelers checks, etc.).

Hong Kong Customs Restrictions
Import of foreign currency is not limited (declaration is required). Duty-free imported up to 1 liter. alcohol products, perfumes – not more than 60 ml. and toilet water no more than 250 ml. (packaged), tobacco products – not more than 200 cigarettes, or 50 cigars, or 250 gr. tobacco.

The import of weapons (including stun guns and gas sprays), pornography, counterfeit products, drugs and poisons is prohibited. Some medications, antibiotics, flammable and explosive substances and items are imported only with the appropriate permission of local authorities. In the entry declaration, valuable items (photo and video equipment, jewelry, etc.) must be indicated, upon departure the declaration is presented again. It is forbidden to export valuable objects and works of art without a store receipt confirming the legality of the purchase.

Import of foreign currency is not limited (declaration is required). Duty-free imported up to 1 liter. alcohol products, perfumes – not more than 60 ml. and toilet water no more than 250 ml. (packaged), tobacco products – not more than 200 cigarettes, or 50 cigars, or 250 gr. tobacco ….

Import of animals:
The importation of animals (even in the case of transit) is allowed only if the relevant documents are available (valid for 90 days) from the local border veterinary control services, as well as a veterinary certificate issued by the relevant Russian veterinary services no earlier than 4 days before departure.

Tipping in Hong Kong:
Tipping is not officially accepted, but it is recommended to leave them at the rate of 5-10% of the average cost of the service. Hotel staff decided to leave at 10-20 HK $, tips are not required in a taxi, it’s easier to round the amount to the whole dollar.

Hong Kong travel information
Photographing in temples and museums is either prohibited, or an extra charge is required. For using camcorders, the fee is much higher or not allowed to be removed at all. Taking photographs of strategic objects (airport, train station, dam, bridge, etc.) is prohibited.

Starting July 1, 2009, Hong Kong introduced a ban on smoking in public areas, including restaurants, bars and even public toilets. In addition, restrictions on smoking in the streets will be tightened – on the island there are already whole “areas without tobacco.”

Hong Kong Security
In Hong Kong, you must always have an identification card (passport, driver’s license, etc.) – immigration authorities often arrange document checks to detain illegal workers and immigrants with expired visas.

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