Crazy World ... Monuments
The monument - in the broad sense - an object that is part of the cultural heritage of the country, people, humanity. The monument, in the narrow sense, is a…

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How tourists are fooled around the world
Want to know how tourists are deceived, then read this article. The most popular ways to cheat tourists Shopping abroad can boast not only joy but also frustration. So that…

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Crazy World ... Monuments
The monument - in the broad sense - an object that is part of the cultural heritage of the country, people, humanity. The monument, in the narrow sense, is a…

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We are going to rest in Turkey. Useful information for tourists about Turkey.

Contrary to the words of the famous song, we really even need the Turkish coast, and we cannot do without it, and even more so for him, the coast. Turkey means favorable climatic conditions, a warm sea, a variety of hotels, a variety of leisure activities, and bright national cuisine at a very attractive price.

Almost at any time you can buy an inexpensive tour and spend a couple of carefree weeks by the warm sea, without worrying about getting a visa – everyone is allowed to go to Turkey. And you can buy a plane ticket and in a few hours find yourself in the capital – Istanbul, where you can have the best weekend in life.

People come to Turkey to swim in the clear sea or splash around in a water park, ride a quad bike or go kayaking on a mountain river, go on numerous excursions or go shopping or even go skiing.

Where to relax in Turkey. Cities and resorts in Turkey

The infrastructure in Turkish hotels is well developed – almost all entertainment can be found on site, many services are provided for free. Almost 95 percent of all hotels operate on an all-inclusive basis or in its innumerable varieties.

Antalya – Turkey Resorts
It is the center of tourism in Turkey, combining this honorary title with the title of the most beautiful and well-groomed city on the Mediterranean coast. Water parks, entertainment and sports centers, numerous discos, restaurants, bars and clubs offer the widest opportunities for a varied holiday.

Alanya – Turkey Resorts
A paradise for rafting lovers on the Mediterranean coast (Alraft sports complex on the Dimchay river), trekking and mountain climbing (Akdag and Jebelireis mountains).

Bodrum – resorts in Turkey
Bodrum is located on the southeastern coast of the Aegean Sea, at the junction of the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas and has a reputation as the bohemian capital of Turkey. Luxury villas and pathos disco, of water sports, yachting is the most prosperous.

Palandoken – Turkey Resorts
The youngest, but already quite promoted resort due to the development of skiing.

Pamukkale – resorts in Turkey
Pamukkale (translated from Turkish – Cotton Castle) is perhaps the most amazing place in Turkey.

And of course, every tourist is more than strongly recommended to visit Istanbul. At least in order to check the box “to visit Europe and Asia at the same time.” Because Istanbul is the only city in the world located both in Europe and in Asia.

When to relax in Turkey

According to many tourists who rested in Turkey, the end of August is considered the best time to relax in Turkey. At this time, climatic conditions are most favorable: the air temperature is not as high as at the end of July, and the sea is the warmest in the year. But during this period, vacation prices reach their peak – the last days of summer vacations. It is at the end of August, in the resorts of Turkey, you can meet the most vacationers.
The so-called “Velvet Season” in Turkey lasts until the end of September. At this time, the air temperature gradually drops, but the sea is still very warm.

Other tourists say that the best time to relax in Turkey is June. At this time, still low prices compared with July and August. At this time, already favorable climatic conditions for normal relaxation, and in most hotels is not too crowded. But there is one minus – the sea by this time still does not have time to warm up to its very warm state.

Customs regulations in Turkey
It is allowed to import duty free:
200 cigarettes and 50 cigars
200 grams of tobacco or 50 grams of chewing tobacco
coffee 1.5 kg, instant coffee 1.5 kg, 500 grams of tea
one kilogram of chocolate and one kilogram of candy
five (1l) or seven (700 ml) bottles of wine or spirits
five perfume bottles (120 ml maximum each)
one camcorder and five (blank) video tapes
one handheld computer
electronic gaming devices
one portable compact cd player
binoculars (one pair)
five audio cassettes or laser discs
one camera with five film rollers
gifts – for an amount not exceeding $ 500
food – within personal needs

Products worth more than $ 15,000, as well as antiques and electronic equipment must be registered in the owner’s passport upon entry to Turkey for control upon departure.

Prohibited to import:
Drugs, medicines containing a significant amount of narcotic substances, weapons and sharp instruments (unless special permission is obtained for them).

What you should not do in Turkey
Despite the successful cultivation of the European way of life, the traditions of Islam in Turkey are strictly respected and respected.

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