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The Philippines is a whole world of islands, not yet spoiled by mass tourism. Modern Philippines is a friendly tropical archipelago that is extremely pleasant to travel along. This is…

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The Philippines is a whole world of islands, not yet spoiled by mass tourism.

Modern Philippines is a friendly tropical archipelago that is extremely pleasant to travel along. This is in contrast to many other countries in the region – the locals here are pretty tolerant in English. For many years, the Philippines was actually a US military base.

The main charm of the Philippines is the presence of tiny islands, where sea water is transparent, like a genuine Borjomi, and fruits filled with cool moisture with a nutty flavor are poured from high coconut palms. With the onset of darkness, local paw-paw fish sparkles in ice on the boat-counters. To the beat of the breeze on the wall of the bungalow the light of a light bulb flutters and the lampshade woven from shells tinkles. Local children build stunningly beautiful castles on the sand with battlements, towers, bridges, balconies. Scattered in the morning from the bars and discos, the amazed beach people think: “I would spit on everything and stay here forever, so as to someday learn to build masterpieces from crumbly sand like halva”.

Where and when is it better to relax in the Philippines. Philippines – cities and resorts
Manila – the capital of the archipelago and the gates of the country, where you should take a look at the Casa Manila building, the monastery of St. Augustine, the ruins of Fort Santiago, the Main Cathedral and Rizal Park – here are huge ancient terraces, many of which reach a height of one and a half thousand meters. Manila is located on the largest island of the Philippine archipelago – Luzon. The shores of the western and southern parts of the island are picturesquely indented by bays.

Cebu is the queen of the south of the Philippines – the country’s oldest and second largest island. Known for its magnificent sandy beaches, ancient defensive structures, vibrant nightlife and the hospitality of the inhabitants. Cebu Island is rightfully proud of its wonderful dive sites, located just a few minutes from Mactan Airport. In luxurious local hotels you will be offered everything you need for diving.

Banaue – huge ancient terraces are located here, many of which reach a height of one and a half thousand meters.

Beaches – among the best places to relax, you can highlight the island of Boracay, the small town of Puerto Galera on the island of Mindoro and the island of Catanduanes.

Boracay – this tiny tropical island is the most popular among tourists coming to the Philippines, but the most amazing thing is that when you relax here, you won’t even know about it! Boracay is an ideal place for sun lovers and lovers of a relaxing holiday. The white beach of Boracay Island is recognized as one of the best beaches in the world.

Puerto Galera. Whatever direction you go, while in Puerto Galera, everywhere in the 10 km district you will find dozens of bays and secluded places, small and large islands. Hundreds of years ago, they served as a refuge for the Spanish galleons, today most of them have developed into tourist centers. Puerto Galera is located 150 km from Manila, on the western cape of the island of Mindoro.

Mindoro – the seventh largest island of the country is literally flooded with natural beauties. Along the rough coastline there are many dive sites. The pink-red beaches of Mindoro, secluded coves, flat reefs and rocky slopes that go deep underwater with countless coral gardens make this island a paradise for diving enthusiasts.

Visa to the Philippines
Since October 1, 2007, Russian citizens do not need a visa to visit the Philippines if their stay in the country does not exceed 21 days. When crossing the border, it is enough to present a passport valid for at least 6 months from the end of the trip, as well as return tickets. In some cases, tourists may be asked to provide evidence of sufficient cash to make the trip.

Philippines Customs
It can be imported duty-free: alcohol – 2 bottles, cigarettes – 400 pcs., Or cigars – 50 pcs., Or tobacco – 250 g, food, items and household items – within personal needs. The import of firearms, items imitating it, explosives, ammunition is prohibited; written or printed materials of an anti-state or inhuman nature; materials, photographs, prints and other images of a pornographic nature; any drugs and their components.

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