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The best beaches in Europe

If you are planning a vacation in Europe and still do not know where to go on a beach holiday, then read this article about the best beaches in Europe.

Rating of the best beaches in Europe from Lonely Planet. Holidays on these beaches will be interesting not only for surfers, but also for those who prefer a relaxing family vacation with children.
The top three winners included the beaches of Montenegro, Portugal and France.

The first place in the ranking was occupied by the beach Jaz (Montenegro).
Jaz beach is located on the Adriatic coast of Montenegro. The length of this beach is almost 2 km and has a very wide coastline. On one side, a rocky coast approaches the beach, so you can sunbathe on pebbles and on sand. This beach often hosts various parties.

Europe’s best beaches for a beach holiday

Peniche Beach (Portugal) in second place
Peniche Beach is a place with beautiful scenery and a beach that is considered one of the paradises for surfers.
Peniche Beach is located 100 km northwest of Lisbon.

An honorable third place in the ranking is occupied by the beach of Rondinara Corsica (France)
Rondinara beach has a horseshoe shape and boasts perfect sand and clear azure waters of the bay. The publication Lonely Planet warns: in season there is nowhere for an apple to fall.

Fourth place at the beach of Cala Goloritze Sardinia (Italy)
This beach is considered one of the most picturesque on the coast of Orosei Bay. The only drawback is that getting to this beach is very difficult. There are only 2 options – by boat or on foot.
But if you get to this Cala Goloritze beach, you will be rewarded with a pleasant stay on the beach with tiny white pebbles and a clear sea.

Fifth place – Vic Beach (Iceland)
Vic Beach is located in the southernmost point of the country. This beach is of volcanic origin and is strewn with black sand.

Sixth place – Bentham Beach (England)
The beach is located in South Hams, south of England. Bentham Beach is an ideal place for surfers as well as for those who prefer a relaxing family vacation.

Seventh place – Sandwood Bay Beach (Scotland)
Getting to this beach is not so easy, as it is located 7 km walk from the nearest road. The most interesting thing is that swimming here is unlikely to succeed because of the very cold water. This beach is interesting only for its views of the local landscape and the sea.

Eighth place – Cala Macarea Bay Menorca (Spain)
Cala Macarea Bay has the shape of a horseshoe. This beach attracts tourists with its white sand and clear sea.

Vutumi Beach is located on the Greek island of Antipaxi. Vutumi Beach is dotted with sand and ivory. The water in these places is crystal clear, swimming is a pleasure.

Tenth place – Curonian Spit (Lithuania)
The Curonian Spit is one endless beach. In these places you can see a rare sight – the largest moving sand dunes in Europe.

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