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Water Bangkok – Thai capital in a new light

To understand the soul of Bangkok and Thailand is to understand the historical significance of waterways.

A network of canals has always been vital for agriculture, trade and transport. The magical Chao Phraya, the river of kings serving the main artery of the whole intricate of waterways. They give life, they are the most important symbol of the Thai people to this day.

Coronations go through the process of royal boats. This ritual has been observed for centuries in order to honor the Thai king and the river as a holy source of life. Painted and richly decorated with gold, 52 barges sail along the river from beginning to end. Golden scales, barons, like wings, mythical birds ascending from the river. It was one of the most popular shows in the world, and this day has been the most successful since 2006, when the reigning king reached the 60th anniversary of the throne.

Water Bangkok and the historical significance of waterways in Thailand

Even if you are not stuck in royal processes, you have everything you need. No wonder Bangkok is nicknamed “Venice of the East”! While living people played in everyday life before, many locals still go boating in daily affairs.

Take a ride on Chao Phraye
For tourists, getting on ferries passing through Chao Phraye is easy. The tourist information offices will be happy to assist you. In just 15 baht you can drive along the entire river. It is better to start from the central CATN pier, which is located next to the BTS Saphan Thaksin station. You can go on an express trip.

If you want a romantic time, take a river cruise with lunch or dinner. Evening cruises. For example, “Manochra” from “Marriott”
Cruise prices vary, but they are usually justified if you want to relax and enjoy the river without the crowds and chaos of public ferries.

Don’t miscalculate with a longtail boat
Longtail boats in Bangkok are narrow and (as the name implies) long. They cut channels easily. Organized canal tours with longtail boats are an easy choice for tourists. Bangkok is a question. They can be twice as expensive if you ordered them at the hotel. Usually they are cheaper at river piers, for example, at Ta Chang, the pier closest to the Grand Palace.

I really want you to have a good tour – this is not an easy task. If you can read the detailed information. True, in this case it will not work to bring down the price. Tours on the canal usually cost 400-800 baht, so be sure to ask how you will go on excursions and what route you will take. It can be only half an hour in the nearest, not very picturesque, channels.

Adventure lovers and those who hate organized trains can take a public walk to Bangkok.
The route is very picturesque, and you can see the real life of local residents: tics, houses, people in tiny and varied hats, sellers of goods and ready-made food. To convince you that such opportunities simply do not exist. They can be very persistent in trying to break into that part of the pier where the public longtail boats depart. You should simply ignore these exits and remember that this is a public platform for all types of transport services.

Every day from 15:30 to 18:00 every half hour. Try to get on an early flight to take photos in the light of day. Because there is a boat near private houses. Take a taxi and take the express ferry, or just take a taxi to the desired Bangkok hotel.
To get to the place of departure, you must go through a tour operator at the beginning of the pier. Boats depart on the left.

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