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About rest in Valencia Spain

How to spend a weekend in Valencia
Would you like to spend a weekend in a warm sunny seaside town with magnificent beaches, interesting architecture and centuries-old history? Then we recommend you go to Valencia!

How to get to Valencia
From Moscow to Valencia, you can fly by a direct flight of S7 airline or with a change in any of the European cities by Alitalia, Swiss, Lufthansa, Air France and others. The ticket will cost about 400-500 euros. If you rest in Barcelona or Madrid, you will be able to get to Valencia by bus or train: the journey from the capital by rail takes about two hours, from Barcelona – about three hours, the ticket costs from 30 euros.

When to go to Valencia
If you want to combine a tour of the city with a vacation on the wide sandy beaches of Valencia, then it is better to plan a trip to the summer months when the thermometer is at 30 degrees. But keep in mind that it is very hot in the afternoon, and from about 12:00 to 15:00 you can neither wander the streets, nor swim or sunbathe, besides, from 14:00 to 17:00 everything is completely closed for a siesta. For those who are more interested in sights, it is better to prefer spring or autumn: the air at this time warms up to 18-22 degrees, but the sea is cool – below 20. The most interesting time in Valencia is the first half of March, when the whole city is involved in the Fallas festival.

First day in valencia
Most city tours start from Plaza de la Virgen, where the main treasures of Valencia are located: the crypt of St. Vicento and the Basilica of the Virgin Mary – a beautiful baroque cathedral of the 15th century where you can see the works of Goya and Palomino. Lovers of antiquities will definitely want to look into the archaeological museum located on this square.

Then walk to the Silk Exchange building and, if you are not very tired, climb the 70-meter tower of the Tore del Migulet (it is located on a neighboring street) and admire the historical part of the city from a height.

For those hungry, there is a giant central market nearby. They sell the freshest vegetables, fruits, seafood, olives and olive oil. However, everyone should see this grand building of the early Art Nouveau era, regardless of appetite.

There are many bars and restaurants around. It is worth trying paella in Valencian style – in this city it is cooked according to its own recipes. You can freshen up with orcata – a white ice drink made from special chuf nuts or agua de valencia – a champagne cocktail with orange juice.

Be sure to get to the symbol of the city – the towers of Serranos, which in the Middle Ages were the gates of the city. From north to south-east, the Old City is surrounded by a series of parks, in the shady alleys of which you can hide from the heat. There you are waiting for the dozing giant Gulliver.

The day should be completed in the royal yacht port named after Juan Carlos I, built for holding a sailing regatta (in its vicinity, the Formula 1 circuit is laid, by the way), admire the magnificent views and a masterpiece of modern architecture – the Velos and Ventes building or take a walk along the long seaside seafront and dine in one of the local restaurants.

Second day in valencia
The second day, perhaps, should also be devoted to Valencia. For example, to visit places you haven’t reached yet – the Museum of Holy Week, where you will learn a lot about traditions and customs, the Valencia Museum of Modern Art (IVAM), the Museum of the History of Valencia or the house-museum of the classic of Spanish literature Blasco Ibanez. Among the most interesting collections of Valencia is the cultural and entertainment complex City of Arts and Sciences, under the roof of which there is an opera house, planetarium, science museums, a gallery and an oceanographic park, Fallas Festival Museum, which holds winning dolls that avoided the fate of being burned in March (the oldest was made in 1934!). Want to attend the maximum number of meetings in one day? Use the Valencia Tourist Card: on it you will receive discounts in many places and you can use public transport at no extra charge.

Would you like to go shopping? On Colon Street in the Eixample district, you will find a huge number of all kinds of shops. If you walk north-west from there towards the historical center, you will find yourself in a quarter filled with shops with handicrafts and fashion boutiques. Decide to go in the opposite direction, to the south, in the region of Rusaf, you will find yourself among the more affordable shops for prices.

Nature lovers should visit the Albufera National Park, which spans around a huge freshwater lake just a few kilometers from Valencia. In the heart of the reserve, the traditional fishing village of El Palamar is preserved. Do not miss the chance to relax in the restaurant and try one of the traditional Valencian dishes with eel!

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