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Thassos Island – Aegean Green Diamond

Thassos is the northernmost and greenest of the Greek islands. The whole island is covered with dense pine forests, approaching the golden sandy beaches, which are the main wealth of Thassos. People come here to enjoy a calm, relaxed vacation, magnificent views and hospitality of local residents.

Holidays in Thassos are very popular among the Greeks themselves, who often prefer this island to all others, calling it the “green diamond of the Aegean Sea”. Europeans are also frequent visitors to Thassos, but Russian travelers are still completely unfamiliar to the locals. So far, no tour operator has been involved in organizing trips to this amazing island. Only in 2012, the MUZENIDIS TRAVEL company began selling tours to Thassos.

Thassos is small. A little more than a hundred kilometers of the coastline, occupied by beaches, hotels, monasteries and curious antiquities buried in pine trees. Heroes of Greek myths visited here for gold, and Christian saints found healing springs and built monasteries.

Only 30 kilometers separates the island from the mainland, a modern ferry travels this way in about 40 minutes. So the rest begins with an easy boat trip, accompanied by begging gulls. And from the capital of the island to the hotel is at hand.

Thassos was created for a relaxing family vacation and unity with nature. Cozy bays with wide sandy beaches and comfortable hotels, closed from the wind and waves, are also ideal for families with children. It will be cozy here for newlyweds and small companies.

The most famous beach is Chrysi Ammoudia, which means “golden sand” in Greek, located on the south coast of the island. The beach is well protected from the wind by the surrounding cliffs. The coast is shallow, which is very convenient for families with small children.

And the island’s longest beach, Potos, one kilometer long, is also a great place for evening entertainment. In Potos you can walk all night until the morning: there are many hotels, taverns, restaurants, cafes and bars. On Potos there is also a small but very beautiful beach – Pevkari, surrounded by densely growing pine trees, which, in fact, gave the name of the area, because the “song” in translation from Greek means “pine trees”.

Thassos provides tourists with a rich selection of hotels. You can rent small and cozy apartments closer to the city, and chic hotels with huge SPA centers and secluded villas with private pools.

Choosing a hotel in Thassos, the first thing to do is pay attention to the Makryammos Bungalows Hotel, mainly because of the magnificent snow-white sandy beach. The hotel is located just two kilometers from the capital of the island and consists of small cozy bungalows hidden in a pine forest by the sea.

Or at the recently opened Alea Hotel & Suites near Skala Prinu. The hotel consists of small two-story buildings with modern, comfortable and very spacious rooms. You can also stay in small villas with private pools and enjoy a luxurious SPA center throughout your vacation.

And the local cuisine is simply out of competition. All that is rich in Greek gastronomy lies on the table with tourists. Freshly caught shrimps, mussels, octopuses and everything that the coastal waters of Thassos can give are immediately cooked and immediately served on the table. And olive oil from Thassos, even in Greece, is considered the most refined.

If you want entertainment, then tourists will always find numerous taverns, restaurants, bars and cafes open until the morning.

They are mainly concentrated in the capital of the island of Limenas, and in the resort area near Potos beach. And even if it seems to you that your hotel is in a very secluded place, in fact, you are only a ten-minute walk from civilization.

And if you suddenly get tired of lying on the beach, then Thassos is full of fascinating antiquities. In the capital of the island you can see the ancient agora and theater, the old walls, the acropolis and the temple of Apollo.

The mountain villages of Thassos meticulously monitor their appearance and try to maintain the outgoing spirit of the Middle Ages. The most famous village on the island – Feologos, was declared a traditional settlement by the Greek state in 1979. In addition, magnificent views of Thassos open from a height.

A deep trace was left on Thassos by Christian saints. Tourists will definitely be shown the Convent of the Archangel Michael, where for many centuries a particle of the cross has been kept, on which Christ was crucified. The monastery itself is located on the edge of a high cliff and looks at the holy Mount Athos, which is visible in the distance.

Vacationers in Thassos are available and all the usual excursions of Northern Greece. You can go to Mount Athos, in Thessaloniki, get to the foot of Olympus or go for a fur coat in Kastoria.

For those who prefer outdoor activities, Thassos is ready to provide rich opportunities for diving. Diving near the coastline will introduce you to the colorful world of fish.

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