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Amsterdam Nightlife Guide

Many people think of Amsterdam as a city of free morals, where you can dance, drink, smoke, indulge in all kinds of bad excesses day and night. Is this true and whether the Dutch capital will meet such expectations, you will learn from our article today.

Amsterdam night city
It seems that the times of universal permissiveness in Amsterdam have sunk into oblivion. Already banned from selling drugs to foreigners, women of easy virtue are gradually surviving from their homes in the “red light district”, and today the capital of the Netherlands is gradually turning into a calm respectable and respectable European city.

Amsterdam nightlife Amsterdam nightclubs, bars, restaurants

It differs from the major world capitals that never sleep, where there are always a lot of people on the streets, and on the roads even at three in the morning you can get stuck in traffic. Amsterdam at night is quite calm, there are almost no people, shops are closed, shop windows are extinguished (unless, of course, these are windows with girls from the forecourt). Therefore, before you go into all seriousness, you need to stock up on a couple of addresses in advance.

Addresses- Amsterdam night clubs, bars, restaurants
It is better to start the evening at the Rembrantsplein or Leidseplein squares, where hundreds of bars and restaurants work until late. The assortment of most of them is straightforward dishes and mainly local and German (sometimes Belgian) beer and cocktails. Satisfying hunger and thirst, you can move towards nightclubs, one of the most famous is located here, on Rembrandtplein 17. Studio80 is a pleasant and unpretentious inexpensive institution with modest interiors and a predominance of techno music.

If you started at Leidseplein, then very close you can easily find the Paradiso club, which hosts the best live music concerts in the city (and sometimes throughout Europe). The club is located at Weteringschans 6-8. When you come closer, you might think that the address was wrong: there used to be a church, and therefore, although music has been rattling for many years, the house looks like a typical temple building on the outside. Therefore, it is not surprising that music lovers praise this place for its luxurious, chanted acoustics. The club has several halls, the main of which can accommodate up to one and a half thousand people!

Amsterdam nightlife. Amsterdam night clubs, bars, restaurants

There is another cult place nearby – Melkweg. The story of the Milky Way (which is what the name is translated) began in the 1970s when a hippie group decided to open a nightclub in an old dairy factory. The new establishment quickly became fashionable. Now, under one roof, a bar, a restaurant, a large disco and a cinema coexist, the most diverse music: indie and pop, house and even ethno.

Want something more glamorous? Then you should visit a club famous for fantastic lighting effects and a great audio system – Jimmy Woo. It is located on Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 18. Try to dress fashionably and stylishly: at the entrance there is strict face control, because world celebrities often look at this place.

If your school and university have long been behind, and even a 30-year milestone was passed some time ago, we recommend that you take a closer look at the Panama club at Oostelijke Handelskade 4. This is a large complex where you can dance to Latin American rhythms, house, electro, techno, have dinner and soak your throat with elite alcohol. But it’s worth mentally preparing for the fact that the prices for everything in this establishment are quite high.

Would you like something more characteristic of this tolerant city? Then take a walk along the Reguliersdwarsstraat, where there are many bars and clubs for those who are not interested in the opposite sex. For example, the extremely popular Café-Pub Soho is the largest homosexual establishment in Amsterdam. On the ground floor, trimmed with elegant wooden panels, there is a bar, above the dance floor – there usually sound techno, house. Among the visitors are men of different ages from all over Europe.

Useful tips for night owls in Amsterdam
Be prepared for the fact that the night (and indeed the daytime) Amsterdam is populated by strange characters: men in women’s clothes, various freaks – all these characters will meet you constantly. Basically, they are harmless, but if you want to photograph them point blank, it is better to ask permission: some will be willing to pose, while others will refuse – their right! But do not forget that drugs are still available. It is better to exercise caution and be prepared for the fact that some are not quite sane and may behave inappropriately.

Travel Guide Amsterdam Nightlife. Amsterdam night clubs, bars, restaurants

If earlier you could find bored parties in clubs any day of the week, now it’s better to start getting acquainted with the city’s nightlife on Thursday evening. Usually large night clubs open at 10-11 o’clock in the evening and work until four to five in the morning.

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