Holidays at Koh Kood
The island of Phi Phi (Koh Phi Phi) is located in the Andaman Sea and belongs to the province of Krabi. The Phi Phi archipelago consists of six islands, the…

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Diving in Thailand
Diving in Thailand is diving all year round and what tourists and travelers need to know about diving in Thailand. Diving in Thailand is what remains with you for the…

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Features of Asian countries
Things to know when traveling in Asia Holidays in Asian countries are becoming increasingly popular: exotic food, monuments and palaces with a thousand-year history, paradise beaches - all this is…

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10 ideas for a memorable honeymoon

The honeymoon should be remembered for a lifetime, so we have selected for you the 10 best ideas for a honeymoon for every taste and budget.

Expensive beach vacation
Bora Bora, Tahiti
After the busy days of preparing for the wedding, the newlyweds should rest somewhere on the seashore, in a place such as the lush tropical paradise of French Polynesia, in the midst of azure bays, close to the picturesque slopes of an ancient volcano. Settle in a bungalow, standing on stilts above the water, and then from the threshold of the room you can dive into the sea, and then sunbathe on a sun lounger on the terrace. Special offers await newlyweds at St Regis or Four Seasons. And don’t try to refuse when you are offered to organize a private picnic: you will have a boat with a rower at your disposal, a barbecue and champagne will be waiting for you in a secluded corner of the island – you will never forget this evening!

Where to go on a honeymoon. Ideas for Tahiti’s Memorable Honeymoon

Budget beach vacation
Santorini, Greece
Recently, Santorini has come to be called the “honeymoon island”  to find such a romantic place: there are no big cities – only small villages with white houses, there are no large hotels, but there are cliffs descending steps to the sea, sparkling lagoons under the sun and every evening – The most beautiful sunsets in the world. Moreover, prices for such a vacation recently, due to the crisis in Greece, have become very affordable. So, you should pay attention to the charming Anastasis Apartments, where you will take sunbaths on the shores of a small bay, enjoying the light sea breeze.
Greece hotels see hotels

For wealthy foodies
Champagne, France
Among the newlyweds, of course, there are those who like to eat and are ready to pay a lot of money for this. The best destination for gourmets that have recently been married will undoubtedly be France. The most wedding drink is champagne. But you know that only those sparkling wines that are produced in the Champagne region can be called that way – that’s where you should go to enjoy French dishes every day and enjoy the sparkling bubbles in the glasses. Choosing a place worthy of true sybarites, pay attention to the Les Crayeres hotel – an elegant chateau built at the beginning of the last century.
France hotels see hotels

Gourmet Budget Holidays
Walls, Spain
Of course, not all newlyweds can afford to rent an entire palace, and gastronomic delights in France are worth a lot. Gourmets who do not plan to make money, it is better to go to Spain, especially in the not very popular areas will cost a vacation. If you like to eat tasty and of high quality, you definitely need to visit the city of Walls, located southwest of Barcelona, ​​where you will get acquainted with the Catalan gastronomic traditions. Deep dipping includes tasting meat and bean dishes in combination with local wines. If you arrive there in the spring, you can take part in an interesting feast of kaltokad dedicated to the harvest of leeks. And then you definitely can’t avoid getting to know the local dish of this vegetable with a special sauce. You can stay, for example, at the Felix Hotel – a pleasant hotel with a tennis court and swimming pool.
Spain hotels see hotels

For wealthy spa lovers
San Quirico d’Orcia, Italy
And something after the wedding will prefer to relax and relax in the spa hotel. A luxurious honeymoon can be spent in Tuscany in the town of San Quirico d’Orcia, which is not very well known to our tourists. Book a room at Hotel Adler Thermae, and you can spend days in the large outdoor thermal pool and in the grotto baths, where the waters are enriched with Dead Sea salts, enjoy various treatments (such as a wine bath) and all kinds of massages.
Italy hotels see hotels

Budget spa vacation
Istanbul, Turkey
Even if you decide to spend your honeymoon in one of the Turkish resorts, it’s worth staying at least a week in Istanbul to plunge into the world of authentic hammams, because Turkish baths are one of the oldest and most useful spa treatments. The acquaintance is worth starting with Cagaloglu Hammam, opened in 1741. Just keep in mind that, unfortunately, men and women in such institutions have a rest separately. You can live nearby – in the elegant White House Hotel, where any whims of the guests are ready to fulfill 24 hours a day (and this is very important for the bride and groom). Istanbul is especially beautiful in April, when variegated tulips and scarlet poppies bloom there, which gives the city a romantic flair.
Turkey hotels see hotels

Expensive adrenaline rush
St. Moritz, Switzerland
Those who love outdoor activities and do not plan to spend all their time in the room should take a closer look at the luxurious Swiss resort of St. Moritz. It is located near the Italian border and is famous, first of all, for the Devilozza ski area with steep slopes and a glacier. You can ride there from December to April, and in summer tourists use St. Moritz as a base.

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