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Souvenirs from different countries

From any trip, we try to bring some souvenir that will remind us of the country in which we visited.

Souvenirs or what to bring from distant countries
Among the many purchases that we make as a keepsake of our trips, the most popular are souvenirs symbolizing the countries we have seen. Such gizmos are not always beautiful or useful, but they may turn out to be the most valuable of all brought to the homeland.

These variegated, funny, sometimes even ridiculous trinkets adorn the shelves and walls of our houses, are stored in treasured caskets, sometimes they are considered as a guarantee of good luck. They are like old postcards: look at them – and pleasant memories stir in your soul.

Castor Towers and Chocolate Statues
Most often, such souvenirs-symbols become a variety of copies of urban buildings, and not necessarily the most beautiful.

The Eiffel Tower, which is the prototype of the French souvenir itself, is often called a monster.

The Eiffel Tower is the prototype of the French souvenir itself.

But what about the fact that this giant metal structure, in the opinion of many, spoils the architectural appearance of Paris? The main thing is that it is the most famous landmark in France. Up to 30 thousand tourists climb it every day (for the entire time of its existence – and this is more than a century – about 230 million people visited the tower), and almost everyone buys its miniature models. At the foot of the tower they are sold for only 1 euro.

However, these products can be purchased throughout France in the same way as key chains, fountain pens, pencil tower and salt tower. Those who wish can acquire a more impressive Eiffel Tower – for example, in the form of a vase, a table lamp, gold earrings and pendants, and even a bottle with good French wine.

Another, no less colossal, building has become a hallmark, and therefore the main souvenir of America. We are, of course, talking about the Statue of Liberty, established in New York. Plaster, bronze, glass and chocolate statues of freedom are bought up by tourists with a bang, especially since in the USA there are not many souvenirs that have a purely American “face”, except that sometimes you will find something Indian – a leather amulet with machine embroidery or a plastic military hatchet with a mark: “Made in China.”

Next to the stern American torch-bearing lady, the symbol of Belgium – also a city attraction – looks cute and frivolous. This is the famous figure of a pissing boy decorating a fountain in Brussels. The kid has long turned into a favorite character of the local souvenir industry. It is everywhere: on magnets for refrigerators, on T-shirts, spoon handles, lighters. Duplicating millions of their pet, the Belgians allowed themselves a certain amount of frivolity: what is the corkscrew in the form of a pissing baby!

Shards of history
Often, a souvenir symbol of a country becomes elements of culture, history, traditions and mythology. For example, Spain is primarily a bullfight, so the Spanish souvenir number one is the bull, or toro. The heads of Nefertiti, the beautiful-faced Egyptian woman who lived 35 centuries ago, are always brought from Egypt. In the Czech Republic – the dominance of souvenir Schweiks, reminiscent of a brave soldier – the hero of the book of Yaroslav Hasek. And in Germany, tourists buy for one euro … pebbles. The pebbles are simple, but not ordinary: they remained from the Berlin Wall and symbolize not only the country, but the whole era.

Souvenirs from different countries. number one spanish souvenir is the bull

There are hardly any tourists who have been to Italy and have not brought at least one mask from there. This indispensable attribute of the Venetian festivals is probably the most capacious and accurate image of Italy. Funny and sad, exquisitely painted masks symbolize all the man-made and natural beauties of Italy, its ancient history and culture, and the very spirit of the nation. The “right” Venetian mask is a real work of art, usually quite expensive. Modern Italian masters put the production of masks on stream, which does not deprive them of their charm and mystery. Handmade small masks can be bought for 5-8 euros. Charming caskets and brooches in the form of masks are both a memory of the country and original accessories.

The universally recognized symbol of China is the dragon. According to ancient myths, he has deer horns, snake neck, tiger paws, and eagle claws. Nevertheless, tradition considers him to be among the harmless characters. Perhaps that is why European tourists are so eager to buy all kinds of souvenirs with his image, because the “western” dragons are dangerous bloodthirsty creatures. True, a bit of fear, apparently, remains, otherwise how to explain that paper dragons are in special demand?

Pocket shoes
Being an important part of culture, garments also become in some countries a “souvenir that cannot be bought”.

In Mexico, this is a sombrero – a hat with wide brim that covers the neck and shoulders from the sun. Leather, felt or straw, decorated with silver and gold threads, pieces of fur and feathers, sombreros are sold for every taste.

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