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Travel to places of power

Delhi. The famous Kutub Minar minaret with a damask steel column was built on the site of the Vishnu temple destroyed by the conquerors. Once the top of a mysterious column was crowned with a sculpture of the sacred eagle of Garuda. The steel from which the figure was made is credited with an alien origin …
But far to go – the Kiev tithe church was also built on the site of an ancient pagan sanctuary.
In fact, there are many such places on our planet. These are special areas where, in one way or another, the presence of strong energy was recorded that has a beneficial or not very effect on a person, so the energy and its radiating place have a certain aura of supernaturalness. These are places where miracles and simply inexplicable things happen, where you can become exceptionally good or inexplicably bad and sad. Such energetically strong places are formed where the terrain is disturbed, there are mountains, lakes, rivers, gorges; in seismically active areas; in places where important religious or historical events took place; where the religious activity of a person is most active (an abandoned cemetery, a traditional place for dates, dolmens, sacrificial stones, churches, minarets, monasteries, temples).
In ancient times, “places of power” were given special attention; special structures, such as stone circles and, later, pagodas, were created to enhance their beneficial effects.

Karelia, Valaam

Surely, many of those who visited the famous island felt currents of strong energy of this place. The peculiarity of the island is the large amount of iron ore contained in the rocks under the monastery. This island has been for centuries, even before the first Christian monks, and attracted everyone, regardless of religion. On the island of Divny, a pagan stone circle is still preserved, and in some places there are images of Celtic crosses and runes.

Finland, Lake Pilvijärvi

A half-hour drive from Helsinki (25 km) is a lake in the shape of an irregular cross – Lake Pilvijärvi, also called “Lake of Lightning”, “Lake of Thunderstorms” or “Lake of Clouds”, or “Flashed Lake” or “Flaming Lake”.
The Swedish community of Sipoo has long lived in this territory, therefore the main language is Swedish.
A third of the coast is an equipped beach, the other two-thirds are rocks up to 30 meters high, and you can find your energy on them. Look for a pine in the form of the letter “C”.
The water in the lake is clean, tasty. You can drink, and in the summer it’s quite comfortable to swim.
The place is recommended from May to October.

Poland, circles of Vensers

Vincer’s circles are not very similar to the same Stonehenge. They are installed in energy points, which are created by the so-called siphon water veins, which are numerous in this neighborhood. Also, the circles are an old astronomical calendar indicating the points of sunrises on the days of the equinox, as well as the time of sowing and reaping. Who and when created these circles is not known, but studies show that they appeared several thousand years before our era.
They say that the energy at this place is soft, soothing, contributing to the improvement of well-being.

India, source of Shiva

The source of Shiva is located high in the mountains – about 3300 meters above sea level. You can get to it along a winding mountain trail along a steep slope; there is no way to go here in winter. One must be careful with this energy – it is tough enough, it requires self-control and purity of thoughts. Only then does it help and give strength. For unrighteous, mundane people, this power can become very destructive.
On the way to the source at an altitude of 2200 meters above sea level, the city of Manikaran lurks, where hot mineral water flows directly from the tap in hotels. This is a simpler procedure that gives strength.

As you know, the list of “places of power” is far from complete. Everything is in your hands – travel, explore, and perhaps soon you will discover the source of your strength.

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