Holidays at Koh Kood
The island of Phi Phi (Koh Phi Phi) is located in the Andaman Sea and belongs to the province of Krabi. The Phi Phi archipelago consists of six islands, the…

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Holidays at Koh Kood
The island of Phi Phi (Koh Phi Phi) is located in the Andaman Sea and belongs to the province of Krabi. The Phi Phi archipelago consists of six islands, the…

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How tourists are cheated abroad

The Russians have been saving money for the rest of the year, and then with wide-open eyes they are surprised at the beauties of distant lands.

But on vacation you need to be alert. Indeed, as in Russia, abroad is full of scammers who deceive tourists.

Motorcycle stolen by owner

Vietnam pleased with all the tourist charms at once. The sea was clean and affectionate, the locals were friendly, and the cuisine was reasonably priced and tasty. Red banners, pointed fishing boats and street vendors in round hats made of rice straw … more than enough color. Not a country, but a tourist’s dream! The last day before departure to Moscow spent in Ho Chi Minh City. On a rented motorcycle, we set off to explore the sights of the former stronghold of American Vietnam (until 1975 this city was called Saigon). An unpleasant surprise was waiting in the first tourist place – at the Catholic church of Notre Dame de Saigon. It was only for a second to release the “motik” out of sight, as a scorcher with a tearing ears roar drove him from under his nose.

Vague doubts crept in immediately: the hijacker really looked like the skinny owner of a motorcycle rental company. But suspicion of the case can not be attached.

“Tavarisa, where’s the motorcycle?” – the shameless owner of the car looked into my eyes unscrupulously. – Stolen? What do you want? ..

The police called sided with the compatriot. Thirteen dollars of rent per day and many times its excess deposit remained in the hands of a thieving businessman. Experienced people later explained where I miscalculated. Owners of rental companies actually track down customers and steal their own equipment. But so that this does not happen, it is necessary to promise a generous tip when concluding a lease.

Cheating motorcycle, scooter and car renters is a classic fraud. Moreover, the owners of rental offices do not even have to take risks with the theft of their own equipment. Typically, a rental agreement is in the local language. The document, of course, says that the equipment was commissioned in perfect condition. And for damage to property high fines are provided. So a barely noticeable scratch on the wing of a rented car can cost a tourist hundreds of dollars (although its removal costs no more than five bucks). To prove that it was before the signing of the contract is pointless – you signed the contract. And ignorance of the language does not exempt from liability.

“Change” at an exorbitant price

More massively than on a rental car, tourists are deceived by converting currencies. Exchange workers behave like seasoned magicians. One exchange rate is indicated on the scoreboard, and money is converted at a less profitable one. Tourists often only after exiting the exchanger notice that they have received $ 3-7 in their hands or less than expected. Only one way out: discuss in advance the size of the commission, the exchange rate and the amount that you will receive after conversion.

In general, it is better to use the services of banks, rather than street exchangers. By the way, in many countries, exchange offices in banks close early enough. Tourists at risk for a wallet convert money from taxi drivers and street money changers. The method of cheating here is the same as in exchangers (they promise a profitable rate, and then they cheat), and the risk of losing money increases many times.

Accurate with cards

Cardholders are also potential victims of scams. As time has shown, this is not only a very convenient little thing for paying for purchases, but also a favorite prey for hunters of other people’s money.

The most popular way to withdraw money from a tourist’s plastic card is the patch that rogue comrades install at ATMs. Have you tried to withdraw money from the “plastic”? And the device considers the number and pin code from it. This is enough to duplicate the map.

In order not to risk savings, banking economists recommend using street ATMs with caution. Take a look at the ATM: are there any overlays for receiving cards? Not? Enter the pin code, covering the keyboard with your second hand. Rogues often record card details using a miniature video camera installed in the neighborhood.

A plastic card also allows you to pay in restaurants and shops. Workers in trade and food services roll “plastic” through a reader several times.

To prevent this from happening, require that you read the money from the card with you. In addition, enable SMS notification. Each financial transaction will be reflected in a letter to a mobile phone. And in case of suspicious messages, it will be possible to block the card. To do this, you will have to rewrite emergency telephone numbers with the bank operator in advance. And in order not to tempt fate, do not pay by bank transfer in small shops and restaurants in the outback and especially in the markets.

Be carefull

Sitting in a taxi, immediately find out the size of the fare. It is better to stipulate the cost of the trip in advance. Then not to be surprised at the driver’s appetites. And if a meter is installed in the car, then find out the tariff.

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